About S.H.H.

The aims of the SOCIETAS HELLENICA HERPETOLOGICA are the following:

1.      The study and protection of the Greek reptile and amphibian species, as well as their habitats.

2.      The increase of public awareness on matters regarding reptiles and amphibians from Greece and abroad. Emphasis will be given to the conservation of reptiles and amphibians, their importance for natural ecosystems, their maintenance in captivity and the rebuttal of the widespread misconceptions about reptiles and amphibians in Greece.

3.      The provision of scientific advice to those who are interested in reptiles and amphibians (such as Ministries, local and international authorities and organisations etc), especially regarding legal and illegal trading of these animals. 

4.      The organisation of congresses and other international meetings in order to communicate and exchange ideas among scientists who are specialising in reptiles and amphibians.

The SOCIETAS HELLENICA HERPETOLOGICA is a not-profit organisation that is situated at the Natural History Museum of Crete. Membership of the Society is offered to anyone who is interested in reptiles and amphibians and concurs with the aims of the Society.

There are two member categories:

. Regular members who have presented scientific work in relevant herpetological publications. The regular members have the right to vote and be elected for members of the Council.

 . Supporting members receive the informative material of the Society, take place in the Society's events but they do not have the right to vote and to become administrative members.

The subscription rates are 15 Euro for members and 30 Euro for institutions.

The first action of the Society concerns the publishing of a Newsletter with news, communications and records of recent and documented observations of reptile and amphibian species in Greece. A second activity is concerning the creation of a website with useful information.

The next target of the Society is the editing of an Atlas about reptiles and amphibians in Greece. For this reason a bibliographic data bank has been established in the premises Natural History Museum of Crete.

If you want to become a member of Societas Hellenica Herpetologica you can download the application form as a DOC file.

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